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Anti Elitists

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Judgment Day [Sep. 11th, 2005|07:59 pm]
Anti Elitists
[music |CCR]

Sweet sweet success...
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Judgement Day [Sep. 8th, 2005|09:25 pm]
Anti Elitists
[music |Yo Yo Ma]

As you can see by my subject for this post, it will be the day of all days...

Tomorrow, will be a notorius attack upon the varsity football team. I, and my valiant assemblely will rage our hinges to the darken soul which is a football player. With this challenge, I say it not be very much so "easy". Yes yes, it is a risky choice, but I cannot, I REPEAT, CANNOT LET THERE STATUS RUN HIGHER THAN THEE. We will begin, first I Admiral Shawdow Master and Morgett Concord Farwaye, with a swift attack of none other than mouse traps and lots of peanut butter in the units required football attire. THEN WHAT!? Ah yee, I then say to you, we shall attack! Attack yes! An attack that most would say, be very....... dangerous??? Impressive it will be after we then tear down all the football/pom pon/cheerleading posters in preperation for next weeks game! AH HAH! Yes risky, but rewarding, I say to you, DAMN YEE! It was on this day that I said "I shallant not be-ith the one who stand alone, but the one who stand side by side of those who will their own will to fight!"

I bid you a journ, and ask of you, fellow scrumtopia-ites, to wish me luck. For all that is lost tomorrow, will be an honor at the Sunday picnic on Sunday.

Admiral Shadow Master signing off
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(no subject) [Apr. 15th, 2005|09:20 pm]
Anti Elitists
[mood |happy]
[music |lindsay lohan - rumors]

hey i just saw this comm and i just want to say hi!! my name is amber and im 15. i no what u mean about those mean eletsts. i tried out for cheerleading a week ago and they said no amber u cant be on the team and im like y and they said u cant be on the team til ur grades get hier. their just mean eleetists. i mkean just bcuz ur popular doesnt mean that u have to be mean and stuff. i no this bcuz my friends are poupular and theyre nice.

glad to see evry1 here!!

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(no subject) [Apr. 13th, 2005|10:46 pm]
Anti Elitists
[music |Yanni]

Greetings again fellow Scrumtopia-ites.

I would like to say that the pep rally take-over/domination was a complete sucess. I swear, those elitis fools had it coming with a keg full of hate and years of dfkljlf!! Me and the other fellow comrades smited those fools with a forcefull blow to the pelvic griddles. I would just to thank all of you for leading me to the right road. It was just what I needed to become the Top Shadow Master in Redford! Thats right, Top Shadow Master. I now, have the control of 5 local boot lips, and soon I shall rid of all them. AND FOR THOSE CANDYASS FOOLS WHO TRY TO PUT ME DOWN, I'LL ALWAYS GET BACK UP!! I BELEIVE I CAN FLY!!

High Anarchist Shadow Master of Regiment 306
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Elitism [Mar. 27th, 2005|11:17 pm]
Anti Elitists
My friends, and fellow Americans, i now return to this community, even though for a long time i have been inactive. In the past, i have gone about livejournal attempting to recruit likeminded people to this community, so that together we may formulate a plan to combat the elitism that threatens to engulf the United States as we know it. Now that it is spring, the season of rebirth, i come to reawaken this community, and thus fight against elitism once more in the worlds hour of need. Elitism is a cancer within our nation, which chokes and hurts us greatly, and what are we to do when elitists throw around many of the symbols of our founding fathers like garbage. I proudly say to anyone "I am an American" yet i was not born in America, but rather i take this great nation as my adopted homeland, and as the leader of the free world. there are people among us who were born in America, but who are not American in spirit. They say the pledge and wave the flag, but really they are traitors to the nation, because they take credit for the things hardworking Americans have done, but they themselves do not work to make the country a better place. I could get up every day, stick a flag out in my yard, and sing songs about flags, but if i'm not doing anything better for America as a whole, for the single mom who works two jobs every day to support her kids, or for the farmer who grows our crops, then what type of American am i really? These elitists that plague us, who have taken over patriotism and American pride, and use it for their ignorance and selfish desires should be ashamed of themselves for the way they cluster up, and commit all kinds of depraved acts, while the children of hard working real Americans die in Iraq, because they wanted to protect their country. If only they could see their sacrifice being squandered by people who couldn't even point to the country they are in on a map. Who can tell me why when people are born rich, they can get to go to a great university, and get a job lording over poorer people, who worked twice as hard, and sometimes had to risk their lives in other countrys simply to go to the university the rich guy went to?
Elitists are the scum of the world, the evil people that are mean to people in school, and also the same people that eat away at the foundations of our country, and run like vile disease through our veins, and I see in the near future that true American patriots will realize this, and for the greater good of America, they shall end elitism within her, and then and only then, we shall be one nation, under god, with libery and justice for all.
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sup niggaz [Mar. 24th, 2005|09:29 pm]
Anti Elitists
[mood |blazed]
[music |get low (on repeat)]

man this shit is of da hook. me and my nigga andre was gettin smacked as shit off dat DC KB and we stubmel across this shit. lemme jus say that i hate teh white man. the man has held down my niggaz and niggettes 4 far too long and i b damned imma let some abercrombie ass white bred chicken shit mothafucka act liek he better than me. i got new for the disillusined nigga who think he tryna oppress me. nigga, imma rise up like malcom x an shit. i dont even care if i gotta a pull a hammer on a cracka but god dam he will not hold me down.

u all some weird ass white niggaz but u tite.

-anacostia-ass dawon
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Let's not be short sighted [Mar. 21st, 2005|11:05 pm]
Anti Elitists

Guys, I'm worried. You see, I saw Hotel Rwanda a while ago and here's what happens:

One group oppresses another, and once they lose power, the oppressed become the oppressors and get revenge.

See, when we overthrow the jocks and preps (and we will very soon) and take charge then we will become just as bad as them because we will exclude them from our live-action roleplaying games and "Everybody Loves Raymond" marathon parties. We will become just as bad as them if we act better than them in anyway! It's like animal farm except with humans! Once we take charge we must love our enemies and treat them with loving respect and tender kindness.

Praise Jesus.
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I Hate Elitism [Mar. 20th, 2005|11:17 pm]
Anti Elitists
Today I came up with a new plan for dealing with the elitists: Send them to south America.

Right now, Many hard working mexican immigrants are filling low payed jobs in California. Whether we like it or not, they are what makes our economy run. Rather than seeing immigration as a problem, it should be seen as a resource. By tapping into the work that these people do, we can boost the economy further!

The first step will be to arrest all elitists in CA. This will be done by drilling into the san andreas fault, and detotnating a nuclear bomb, causing a huge distaster and allowing the government to declare martial law. Then some geologist guy will get payed to say that California will get washed out to sea. the average moron will fall for this, and immediately evacuate (thus being smart, because in the movie the scientist guy in the white coat predicting disaster is Always right, and 5% odds always happen) anyway, we shall "evacuate" everyone to "refugee camps", where they will be sorted according to the things they carry, for example their phones/computers will be commendeered, and those deemed to be elitists will be sent south. the number of people relocated will be calculated, and that number of immigrants will be allowed in, creating a cycle. Since many immigrants are poor, and will exept low wages, we will implement a policy of providing better schools and education to all districts. All sports teams will be eliminated, and the money then reused for finnally providing more textbooks for poor inner city schools. The debt of elitism will be payed, and those deserving of education will recieve it, and no longer shall people be made to feel alone and friendless in school, and no longer shall people laugh at others, and be cruel.
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Update, Wallpaper, Valentines Day Plan [Feb. 7th, 2005|10:16 pm]
Anti Elitists

I'm updating again, because i have been absent from this community for too long, and i wish to rekindle the flame of revolution against the elitists, and if you are willing to fight them with me, then please comment, for i will be glad of your fellowship.

First, as a new part pf Scrumtopia, We are initiating a policy of creativity and self-expression. Creative Individuality is what the elitists hate and fear, They want us to be a "team" under their "leadership". through individuality and self expression, we cast off the monotony of elitist slavery. We encourage each of you to post art, music, and literature you create. I am personally going to create Icons and wallpapers for members of the community (I can give them to you over AIM, or when i get my server working)

I have the first wallpaper, it is a giant version of my Icon.

Lastly, i wish to humbly present to you a story of something i did in middle school, which many of you may find amusing. Feburary 14th is an elitist feild day, they use it to show off, and pat one another on the back, while rejocing in elitism, and the misery and exclusion of others. They are not contented with all that they have, so they must force their values and ideals on the rest of the charitable hard-working students. They openly display various icons of elitism, such as roses and chocolate, not for their own betterment, but simply for the misery of those that do not posses them. I decided in my 8th grade year that i'd give them a valentine to remember. I got on my computer and typed out.

"Please meet me behind the left backstop at lunch today, I don't know how to say this but i really like you.
- Your Secret Admirier"

then i copid it until it filled a page, and printed out 20 sheets of them. I then cut them into strips, and hit them in my backpack.

After school, on the day before valentines day, i put notes into over 200 lockers in the scool. and over 40 people showed up!

I'm not asking you to repeat this, but if you do i'm sure we'd all likt to hear about your victory over elitism!
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(no subject) [Jan. 14th, 2005|03:07 pm]
Anti Elitists
[mood |excitedexcited]
[music |Hatebreed]

Hello chaps! Just another one of your fellow downtroden! I am starting the epic battle in my community. Heading the Redford Chapter of Scrumtopia! I hope to mass together some troops and take the Preppies' hive DOWN! YES ThAT IS RIGHT! THS LOOK OUT BABY SCRUMTOPIA IS GOING TO BE RIPPING DOWN EVERY POSTER YOU COULD POSSIBLY PUT UP! There is a Pep assembly in like two weeks. I Plan on getting some stink bombs and such... Well I can't say I have too many friends. Maybe that is why I am here. NO one understands my pain. But the few friends I have will most likely have a small army amassed within the week. I will probably be head master admiral seeing as I am the BEST with a MAGIC DECK. (AND NOT TO MENTION I TOTALLY HAVE AN ORANGE BELT).

Glad to join the goodfight sir! First Admiral Shawdow master reporting in!

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